A sneak peek at our fun workplace

A sneak peek at our fun workplace

In-house tavern, museum, full-fledged gym and an indoor slide? Not your conventional workplace amenities that we have at APB Singapore.

Rise and shine… we’re bringing you to our workplace today. Let’s quickly get prepped so that we can bring you on a tour. There’s plenty in store so delay no more!

Public transport? C’mon. We have point-to-point transport that picks us up at our direct address. Did we mention that it’s a 2-way service? 🙈

Everybody needs a good perk-me-up morning drink, and we are no exception. Let’s get some coffee ☕ and juices to start the day!

We are headed for a brainstorming session next. Our favourite areas are the cosy corner and beer garden, which are perfect for informal discussions! Much of these decorations are repurposed and upcycled displays from past events. You can count on us to green our décor, after all we are here to #BrewABetterWorld 🌎♻️.

We don’t know about you but some of us like to pump some iron during lunchtime. Let’s head to our in-house gym! Take your pick from the resistance training section, cardio zone or even yoga studio. We can then end our session with a nice steam bath or take a nap in our sleep pods. With everything under one roof, you can say this is convenience at its best!

*Laughs* you noticed our slide, didn’t you? It’s a favourite haunt for many of our people as they “slide” into the weekends. Pun intended, oops!

A museum in our brewery? Oh yes, you heard us right. This is where you’ll learn some of the little-known facts and untold stories behind our national pride, Tiger Beer.

We have finally reached the end of our workday and let’s take you to the BEST PLACE EVER. Welcome to our Tiger Tavern, where you get to unwind, brew the joy of true togetherness, and enjoy our portfolio of beers here for free. You don’t have to be shy about coming here every day to hang around the bar, join in conversations already underway or toast to new connections. After all, beer is a social lubricant for us to bond over and “enjoyment of life” is a key company value of being an employee here!


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