How We Brew How We Brew

Our promise of brewing excellence, dedication to innovation and commitment to quality goes into every pint of beer we brew. With sustainability in mind, we source quality ingredients from only the most trusted and environmentally-friendly suppliers.

Tapping into the ingenuity and expertise of HEINEKEN, we constantly refine our brewing capabilities and invest in innovative technology to build an unparalleled range of beer brands, with a growing number of successful low- and no- alcohol beers like Heineken® 0.0 and Tiger Radler.

While we seek to push the envelope and expand our product portfolio to stay ahead of changing consumer tastes, our faith in proven techniques and recipes, our passion for quality, and our commitment to innovation drives us towards an ever-brighter future.

Brewing innovation is what we do

Brewing innovation is what we do

With an ever-expanding portfolio, new technology, and new business models, we continuously embrace change.

We’re proud to host one of three HEINEKEN evaluation centres in the world; as a connected brewery powered by digital innovation and excellent infrastructure, we enjoy the opportunity to stay at the forefront of innovation even as we uphold our prized traditions.

Right now, these include:

Adoption of Augmented Reality and remote support tools to enable faster and more convenient problem resolutions

Use of 360 Cameras to provide right vision systems for quality inspection of tanks


Digitalisation of work processes to enhance data analysis and problem-solving

Interactive Procedures

Implementation of Interactive Procedures to heighten safety

We’re all about the perfect brew

Malt Mil

This is where our malts get crushed – separating the all-important grains from the husks and defining the ultimate flavours of the beer.

Mash Tun

Warm water joins the crushed malt, with the tun slowly heating the mixture until it forms the all-important mash.

Lauter Tun

Here, the mash gets filtered – separating any remaining husks from the extract, also known as the wort.

Wort Copper

In this large tank, we boil the wort and add hop extract for that distinctive aroma and bitterness of a good beer.

Cooling and Fermentation

We cool the wort and toss in yeast as it ferments, creating what’s known as a young beer – an immature brew that tastes very different to the final product!


Good things take time. We typically let the young beer mature in storage for around 3 weeks, and sometimes as long as 4.


To finish off, we filter the mature beer, removing substances such as yeast cells and coagulated proteins. The result: the sparkling, bright brew that’s fit for a cheer.


Alcohol is gently removed in the de-alcoholiser to produce a perfectly balanced and great tasting zero-alcohol beer like Heineken® 0.0.

Packaging Hall

The finished beer is bottled and packed on our state-of-the-art production line, ready to make its way to fans all over Singapore and the world.

Now, it’s time to find your favourite beer.