Ready to #DoSomethingThatMatters?
Join our HEINEKEN Graduate Program for an accelerated career journey!

Ready to #DoSomethingThatMatters?<br>Join our HEINEKEN Graduate Program for an accelerated career journey!

Whether it’s play, travel, or career advancement that matters most to you, or doing something that is aligned with your own purpose, at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (part of The HEINEKEN Company), you will have the opportunity to do it all!

The HEINEKEN Graduate Program (HGP) at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore is an exciting 18-month program for anyone interested in building a long-term career with HEINEKEN Asia Pacific. 

The program is designed for recent graduates who want to brew their career and #DoSomethingThatMatters with one of the world’s largest beer companies!

“We often describe ourselves as a people-first company, and we genuinely mean it – APBS is more than just a workplace; it’s a place to unlock the full potential of our people personally and professionally 😊”

As part of this program, expect to be on a fast-track path into the FMCG industry and look forward to an accelerated progression route after 18 months in various tracks of Supply Chain, Commerce, and Corporate Functions. You’ll have the opportunity to work with world-class brands and learn from some of the most experienced and talented individuals in the field.

The icing on the cake? 😛

You’ll complete numerous assignments locally or experience a different environment in HEINEKEN operating companies across APAC – it’s an adventure that will shape you into a future leader!

Meet Our Successful Graduates

Meet our successful graduates who have journeyed with us from their HGP days to achieving their career goals within HEINEKEN today. Hear what motivated them to apply for this program, their most memorable experiences, and advice for aspiring graduates!

Wei Cheng Onn

HGP 2016
Planning Manager
Supply Chain

Aaron Er

HGP 2017
Brand Manager

Zhannan Li

HGP 2018
Digital Transformation Manager
Digital & Technology

Aly Au

HGP 2019
Product Manager

Vanessa Ong

HGP 2020
Trade Marketing Manager

What motivated you to apply for this program?
Wei Cheng

The prospect of diving into the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, especially with HEINEKEN’s global presence and diverse product portfolio, drove my application. Rotating across multiple departments in an end-to-end supply chain offered a holistic view of the supply chain process and allowed me to develop a well-rounded skill set and industry understanding. What made me stay post-program was the company’s care for its people, especially during the Covid pandemic, and its philosophy of nurturing talents.


After graduating, I took some time off to launch my own business, which presented its share of challenges. I realised how much more sociable I was when I held a glass of beer while exchanging ideas. Back then, Heineken’s “Open Your World” tagline strongly resonated with me, and I felt it was the perfect place to cultivate my interpersonal skill and grow professionally.


This program fast-tracks my goal of becoming a manager, enabling valuable experience across the various functions.


I was looking out for a graduate program that allowed me to travel within the region and rotate across functions.


The chance to accelerate my career journey coupled with the uniqueness of being able to engage in regional assignments.

Share with us your most memorable experience or accomplishment during your time in the HEINEKEN Graduate Program?
Wei Cheng

Organising a HEINEKEN Case Challenge across APAC, alongside our individual assignments, was memorable. We tapped into the collective strength of the group of HEINEKEN Graduate team and delivered exceptional results. This experience transformed my personal and professional growth, showing the power of teamwork!


During my rotation in Myanmar, I worked on a new beer brand, “BAWDAR.” Crafting the brand DNA, “Always with Friends,” was a key moment for me. After months of preparation, seeing the first bottles being produced with the team’s support was beyond words.


Spending two months in sales, accompanying sales representatives to outlets, inspired me to streamline processes with technology, freeing them to focus on building relationships and driving sales.


In 2020, during the initial Covid outbreak, I assisted the Malaysian OpCo in customer service, logistics, and distribution of Drinkies, a direct-to-consumer app. This hands-on experience showed me the direct impact I could have on customers and the business.


The most memorable experience for me was my rotation in Taiwan amidst the pandemic. Settling into a new country was already a significant step, and during that period, I also undertook a role that was unfamiliar to me. Undoubtedly, these circumstances introduced an additional layer of challenge. However, this journey allowed me to experience professional growth in terms of adaptability and provided opportunities to form lasting friendships.

What skills or qualities did you develop through the program that have been instrumental in your current role at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore?
Wei Cheng

The program assignments provided me with valuable insights into the operations of each department, allowing me to gain a deep understanding of their constraints and challenges. These insights have been instrumental in my current role, where I optimise Supply Chain processes to navigate product complexity, manage demand uncertainty, and address supply challenges effectively.


The program enhanced my open-mindedness and humility, which have proven crucial in my current role. These qualities enable me to consistently learn and listen to colleagues, fostering a collaborative team environment.


My time spent in sales and supply chain during the program significantly deepened my understanding of our company’s operations. This in-depth insight has been pivotal in my current role, where I leverage this knowledge to introduce tech-driven ideas that enhance efficiency and productivity for our colleagues.


I gained the courage to initiate conversations and communicate work priorities effectively.


The ability to swiftly adapt and remain agile.

What do you like most about working in Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore?
Wei Cheng

I love the people in APBS and the fast-paced nature of the industry. The warmth of the people in APBS never fails to put a smile on my face – it is where I feel that I belong. Moreover, working in such a fast paced and dynamic industry allows me to make courageous moves together with the team to actively shape our strategy.


Every company is nothing without its people. At APBS, we champion a culture of belonging and celebrate successes together. The company focuses a lot on its people, just as passionate we are about delivering the best for our consumers and customers.


We play to win and celebrate success together.


I like that if you’re willing to speak up about a project that you’re interested in, you will always be given the driver’s seat.


The people! Our company truly focuses on its people and genuinely embraces a culture of belonging!

What advice would you give to aspiring graduates who are considering applying for the HEINEKEN Graduate Program?
Wei Cheng

Be curious and eager to learn! Don’t be afraid ask questions and gain a comprehensive knowledge about the company business and your function. Also, look for opportunities to contribute beyond your roles and add value to the organisation.


If you identify with HEINEKEN’s values and the program offers cross-department rotation, overseas experience, and a fast-track career in one of the world’s most fun industries, why not?


Keep an open mind and make an effort to comprehend how our business operates in different departments so that you can value-add in different ways.


Be candid and authentic; it’s okay not to know everything. Dedicate time to expanding your network beyond your daily work to broaden your perspective.


Be open, be curious and be authentic! Numerous opportunities would come your way if you are willing and daring to explore!

We hope these insights help!

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All the best with your application! Applications for the HGP 2024 intake will start on 18 September 2023!