Tiger inspires people to ‘uncage’ and pursue their passions

Are you living life in a cage? With its latest campaign, Tiger Beer inspires people to ‘ignite the Tiger inside’ and uncage their ambitions and follow their dreams.

‘Tiger Uncage’ is all about having the courage to look at things afresh, to follow your instincts and live on your own terms.

With ‘Uncage’, Tiger Beer showcases how one can break free from conforming to societal or family expectations to realise their own potential. Whether one wants to uncage one’s self from the daily nine to five grind, the paper chase, the morning rush hour commute or any other routines and norms, ‘Tiger Uncage’ encourages them to find their courage and turn their restlessness into action.

Taking pride in its Asian roots, ‘Tiger Uncage’ features the real life stories of Asian heroes who have been able to ‘uncage’ and forge their own paths. Find out their stories and build a story of your own here: http://www.tigeruncage.com.

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