To celebrate it being a part of Singapore’s heritage, GUINNESS® launched the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout limited edition series and commissioned local artist Ben Quek to weave distinctively Singaporean icons together into a singular artwork. The original artwork evoked nostalgia through the use of cultural symbols and consolidated our unique Singaporean identity.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout has been a local favorite for nearly 150 years and is known colloquially as the Red Tongued Dog, or Ang Ji Gao. The limited edition series pays tribute to the many things we hold close to our hearts as Singaporeans – from red plastic chairs to local delicacies like kueh tu tu – and incorporates them into the classic icon of the Red Tongued Dog. These represent the authentic Singaporean life and Guinness’s place in our hearts.

Together with the series, the book ‘Men of Singapore’ was also launched to cast a spotlight on determined Singaporeans who embody exemplary values like generosity and courage. ‘Men of Singapore’ is available at all NLB libraries islandwide.

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