Heineken Sunrise

Sunrise is for moderate drinkers. By drinking responsibly and staying in control, one can enjoy a more memorable night out! Heineken took to the stage at ZoukOut 2013, Singapore’s most iconic dance festival, with a massive 10 metre-wide Heineken Sun to rise at the event which was located west of Sentosa.

The Heineken Sun Deck featured a reactive dance floor that tracked the number of dance steps over two nights of partying. The more dance steps, the brighter the Heineken Sun glowed! At sunrise, the Heineken Sun, fueled by more than 430,000 dance steps, rose over ZoukOut 2013 as a symbol of moderate consumption and responsible fun, rewarding revellers with a spectacular sight!

Heineken also gave out 500 bottles of water at the event to further encourage moderate drinking at one of Asia’s biggest dance parties,

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