Heineken Star Serve for the perfect pint, every time

Rinse, pour, skim, check, serve – the five steps in the Heineken Star Serve Ritual that ensure that the quality and enjoyment of a Heineken draught beer is never compromised and consistently delivered anywhere in the world.

Heineken believes that you buy your second beer based on the quality of your first. An experienced bartender knows that beyond the quality of the brew itself, it also takes technique to create a perfect pour for a pint of refreshing, smooth and crisp draught beer.

Served ice-cold with a healthy foam head resting on the shoulders of the red Heineken star that seals the flavours in, and a healthy stream of bubbles showing good carbonation, a perfect pint is appealing both visually and in taste.

The next time you’re at a bar, look out for a Heineken Star Serve decal and bartenders with lapel pins certifying them in the art of pour for a glass of Heineken draught beer served at its absolute best.

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