The best part of any party is the people you are with. Heineken®, the official beer sponsor at ZoukOut 2015, called on partygoers to get into ‘party crews’ and to #PartyAsOne. Heineken® espoused the idea of leaving no man behind, as a crew that parties together, stays together until sunrise on the final DJ set.

Party crews helped each other pace and moderate their drinking, enjoying from dusk till dawn. Water was also available to keep the crews hydrated, as part of Heineken®’s Enjoy Heineken Responsibly (EHR) campaign.

In an unprecedented move, Heineken® immortalised the faces of ZoukOut party crews onto a 3 metre high 3D face projection structure. It harnessed video projection mapping to morph into a dynamic display of motion graphics, special effects and 3D animations. Partygoers took home 15-second videos of their crew members’ face projections as mementos to let their ZoukOut experiences live on even after the music faded that night.

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