Heineken Green Room Presents “The Transporter”

The acclaimed Heineken Green Room this year calls on music aficionados to step into The Transporter and on a journey into the future of electronic dance music.

For the first time, man and music becomes one – unique vocal samples from partygoers were fused into the DJ’s set in a special co-created track. International acts DJ Benoit & Sergio (FR/US), Thomas Schumacher (GER) and local maestro DJ Intriguant took partygoers into the music and beyond, exploring new frontiers of electronic dance music.

The Heineken igNITE, Heineken’s latest innovation featuring intelligent bottles that light up in sync with music and motion, made its debut in Asia while partygoers were treated with an immersive, out-of-the-world party experience packed with visual effects, theatrics and an intergalactic cast of characters.

Follow the journey at #HGRtransporter #HeinekenSG.

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