Heineken Cities Celebrates the World in Just One Place

A series of Limited City Edition Heineken bottles bearing the names of six renowned metropolises – New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Amsterdam and Singapore was launched in conjunction with the campaign.

Calling on city dwellers keen to open their world with new perspectives, Heineken presented the Heineken Cities Festival, a first-of-its-kind street party held in the heart of Ann Siang and Club Street. The festival brought together some of the world’s top city experiences, with city-centric performers like samba dancers and drummers, Shanghainese jazz dancers and New York-inspired break dancers taking to the streets for an immersive worldly experience.

By uncovering hidden gems and seeing new and old haunts in a whole new light, one will find that elements of the world are all around them, awaiting their discovery.

Open your city. Open your world.

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