Guinness Amplify – Celebrates ‘Made of More’

Bold, original and inventive. Guinness Amplify celebrates music ‘Made of More’ in a year-long programme that champions local music and presents fans with a series of exciting music experiences.

Guinness has partnered with the Timbre Group to launch ‘Guinness Amplify Presents’ at Timbre @ The Substation. The ongoing series of live music sessions features home-grown talents, with industry pioneers and resident Guinness Amplify musicians Jack & Rai headlining the series.

Guinness Amplify will also support 12 ‘Singapore Originals’ – up-and-coming local musicians, by providing them with an opportunity to perform alongside established acts and showcase their own original music.

Apart from live music, Guinness Amplify, in partnership with Universal Music, will help music fans discover new tracks and learn more about the stories behind featured artistes. Keep tabs on the latest happenings at

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