Celebrate with APBS! Festive Portfolio Promotion

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Festive Portfolio Promotion (“Promotion”)


1. The Terms and Conditions set out herein shall apply to the Promotion by the Retailer (defined in Schedule 1) relating to the sale of brands and pack types of products manufactured by Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Pte Ltd (“APBS”) and/or sold by APBS in Singapore (“APBS Products”) as detailed herein.

2. Only persons aged 18 years old and above are eligible to participate in this Promotion.

3. For the purposes of the Promotion, the “Company”, “us” or “we” shall refer to the Retailer.


4. Each participant acknowledges and understands that the Promotion is made available by way of a software platform (“Platform”) provided by APBS. By participating in this Promotion, participants agree to and shall abide by, these Terms and Conditions applicable to and governing this Promotion as set out herein.


5. APBS reserves the right at any time and in its absolute discretion to vary the Terms and Conditions (or any part thereof).

The Company reserves the right at any time and in its absolute discretion to withdraw or terminate the Promotion without prior notice or reason.

6. All decisions made by the Company and APBS in relation to the Promotion, the Terms and Conditions and any aspect thereof are final and binding and no correspondence will be entertained.

7. All Goods and Services (as defined in clause 16 herein) are:

  • subject to stock availability;
  • not exchangeable for cash or credit unless specifically stated;
  • if unclaimed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, will be dealt with at the Company’s sole discretion; and
  • the Company reserves the right to cancel, change, substitute or remove the said Goods and Services at any time without prior notice.


8. Each participant acknowledges and understands that any and all information (including but not limited to name, identification number, contact details and number(s) and/or addresses) provided in connection with the Promotion is provided to APBS.

9. Each participant warrants that any information provided pursuant to this Promotion (including but not limited to name, identification number, contact details and number(s) and/or addresses) is true, accurate, valid and to be relied upon by APBS. Each participant shall be responsible for keeping APBS informed of any update to the information initially provided, as necessary.

10. By providing his/ her personal information to us, the participant fully understands and clearly consents to the use of his/ her personal information for sales and marketing communications relating to APBS Products (including but not limited to events and promotions) and/or marketing analysis by APBS and/ or by the Permitted Parties (the “Purpose”).

For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions, “Permitted Parties” shall refer to APBS’ affiliate companies, agents, agencies, service providers, and participating retailers using the Platform (“Platform Retailers”).

In this regard, we will not disclose a participant’s personal information to third party organisation(s) other than the Permitted Parties.

11. By participating in this Promotion, the participants agree to take part in any promotional or publicity exercise as may be conducted by the Company and/ or APBS. Any record in any medium arising out of or in connection with such promotional or publicity exercise including but not limited to the participants’ performance, appearance, likeness, personal particulars, photographs, audio/visual recordings and/or written responses (the “Records”) shall to the fullest extent permitted by law be the sole property of APBS and in any case the participants hereby irrevocably and unconditionally at no cost, grant APBS all consents and waivers necessary for APBS to make or retain such Records and use and/or publish the same in any manner as APBS shall in its sole discretion deem fit in relation to the Purpose.

12.  Where permissible and to the fullest extent permitted by law, each participant expressly waives all rights which the participant may acquire or have or be entitled to under the law (and any subsequent enactment or amendments thereto) in respect of or in relation to, the Records.

13. For more information on how APBS manages personal data, please refer to the Privacy Policy at http://www.HEINEKENAsiaPacific.com/PrivacyandCookiePolicy. The Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time and we encourage participants to check back regularly for updates to the same.


14. The Company and APBS accept no responsibility and will not be liable for any loss, injury, expense, delay or irregularity (“Loss”) arising out of or in connection with the Promotion.

15. In particular and without prejudice to clause 14, the Company and APBS disclaim any liability in respect of any Loss (whether suffered by the participants, their families or third parties) arising from or in connection with or as a result of:

  • any incomplete or inaccurate or illegible information provided by the participants;
  • any third parties’ provision of goods and/or services (including but not limited to any communication, delivery or electronic messaging services); and
  • The possession and/or use of the Goods and Services as defined hereafter.

16. The Company and APBS make no product representation or warranties, expressed or implied and disclaims any and all liability, as to the condition, quality, merchantability or fitness for use of APBS Products and/or services pertaining and/or provided to, received and/ or purchased by the participant pursuant to the Promotion (the “Goods and Services”).


Schedule 1

1. The Promotion will run from 1 November 2018 – 31 December 2018 (the “Promotion Period”).

2. During the Promotion Period, any purchase of at least S$40 on the Participating Products (as defined herein below) at the Retailer (as defined herein below) in a single receipt shall entitle each participant to redeem one (1) S$5 Grab discount code (“Grab Discount Code”), while stocks last.

For example and strictly as an illustration, if you purchase S$90 worth of Participating Products (as defined herein below) at the Retailer in a single receipt, you will be entitled to redeem one (1) S$5 Grab discount code only, while stocks last.

3. For the purposes of this Promotion, “Participating Products” shall mean all variants of the following products: Tiger beer, Guinness draught and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Erdinger beer and Strongbow Apple Ciders.

4. For the purposes of this Promotion, “Retailer” shall mean any of the following supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, petrol marts, (excluding online purchases): NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant, Prime, Sheng Siong, Cheers, 7 Eleven, SPC, Caltex and Shell.

5. To participate in the Promotion, during the Promotion Period, participants are required to email their name and date of birth together with a photo of the receipt evidencing the purchase at the Retailer of at least S$40 on the Participating Products in a single receipt to [email protected].

6. Combining of receipts are not allowed and each receipt may only be submitted once.

7. There is no limit to the number of Entries each participant may submit, but each participant may only win a maximum of five (5) Grab Discount Codes.

8. The first five hundred (500) qualifying participants will receive the Grab Discount Code, whilst stocks last.

9. The Grab Discount Codes are valid from 1 November 2018 to 28 February 2019 and may only be used for all GrabCar & Grab Taxi rides, except Grab Hitch and Grab Shuttle rides and may be subject to additional terms and conditions by GrabTaxi Pte Ltd.

10. Successful participants will receive a confirmation message via email (“Confirmation Message”) which will contain the Grab Discount Code.

11. The Grab Discount Code must be used between 1 November 2018 and 28 February 2019.

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