Reducing CO2

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions directly contribute to climate change, which impacts the availability and cost of raw materials, as well as other resources. It’s in everyone’s interests to reduce CO₂ emissions and at APB Singapore, we are setting ambitious targets to cut emissions from brewing and cooling.

We use energy for heating and power throughout our production processes, from brewing to packaging of beer. By 2020, we aim to reduce CO₂ emissions in production by 40%. We will continue to cut emissions by implementing good production practices, reducing losses, optimising equipment and using renewable energy where possible.

Our beers are cooled in fridges and draught equipment. According to our global fridge policy, we will be introducing energy-efficient fridges to our trade customers to reduce our carbon footprint in cooling. We will be working with suppliers to develop best in class draught equipment technology in the near future. By 2020, we aim to reduce CO₂ emissions of our fridges by 50%.

In 2016, APB Singapore received the NEA Efficiency National Partnership Award for excellence in energy management.

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