Today, less than 1% of the world’s water is both accessible and drinkable. As such, water scarcity is a pressing global issue that is relevant to all. With water accounting for 95% of the contents of beer, the issue of water scarcity resonates with us even more and we are highly aware of the need to protect this vital resource.

At APB Singapore, we are committed to reduce our water consumption by 30% by 2020. We share and leverage best practices throughout the HEINEKEN group. We are also proud that at the global level, HEINEKEN is a water steward partnering the wider industry to reduce water consumption by being a signatory of the CEO Water Mandate, participating in the water working group of the World Economic Forum and being a member of the Beer Industry Environmental Roundtable.

In Singapore, we are redressing water balance through research and community initiatives via the APB Singapore Water Education Fund.

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