Every day, millions of consumers enjoy our beers. While majority of them use our products responsibly, a small minority still does not. They pose a threat to not only themselves but also the people around them. At APB Singapore, encouraging responsible enjoyment of our beers is at the heart of our way of working.

We understand that the cause of alcohol-related harm is multifaceted. As such, we prioritise stakeholder engagement so that we understand local concerns better and are involved in contributing to the wider alcohol debate in a relevant way.

We also tap on a three-pronged approach to encourage alcohol responsibility and attitude change. It involves us exercising internal discipline when we market our products and consume alcohol. We also focus on raising public awareness about responsible consumption of alcohol. To tackle alcohol-related harm inclusively, we embark on sustained partnerships with industry and government stakeholders to leverage the power of community to address issues. Here are some examples of how we have helped built a positive beer agenda in Singapore.

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