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Self-regulation: Code & Policy

To be a credible advocate for responsible alcohol consumption, it is important that we walk the talk.

Our employees are aligned to the corporate alcohol policy which guides staff on appropriate conduct in relation to alcohol and serves to heighten understanding about alcohol responsibility. Staff conduct in relation to alcohol at work, in the community and at home is fundamental to the success of combating alcohol abuse and harm. It is against this backdrop that we stipulate a zero tolerance for drink-driving. Staff, who is legally charged with a drink-drive offence, will face severe disciplinary action, leading to a probable dismissal by the company.

To ensure that our commercial communication does not encourage negative drinking patterns such as excessive and underage consumption or drink-driving, we adhere strictly to the ‘Rules on Responsible Commercial Communication’, which we have also shared with our agency partners to ensure alignment. The ‘Rules’ apply to all marketing activities of our brands and they cover a wide range of requirements including but not limited to:

  • Never targeting minors below legal drinking age intentionally or unintentionally;
  • Promote our products only through media, programmes or events where at least 70% of the audience is above 18 years old;
  • All brand websites must ask for age declaration at the point of access;
  • Never imply that drunkenness is acceptable or that consumption of alcohol contributes to social or sexual success.